I went to the Draft!!

So we did it.

My roommates and I drove down I-76 to the Benjamin Franklin Parkway this past Thursday.

Going into the city, we had no idea what to expect. We didn’t even know if we were going to be let into the vicinity.

Hearing that there might be tickets required from some, and that it was free from others made the entire process very complicated.

When we reached the area around the draft, fans were gradually beginning to appear and the noise was accumulating.

The sea of Eagles jerseys was such a great sight. I couldn’t help but get chills knowing that we were about to be part of history.

But one major problem was in our way…

We didn’t plan our parking situation out.

We were driving around the perimeter for about forty-five minutes… UNTIL we finally found a great parking lot that only cost us eight dollars for 6 hours!!

Once we were on our way to the draft we stopped for a bite at Jimmy G’s cheesesteaks because my roommate matt never had an authentic Philly cheese steak before.

And as we entered the NFL designated fan zone at the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, the atmosphere was insane.

Thousands of people were lining up for free entry into the designated area and everyone who wanted to be there made the trip.

Fans from all over the country were present, but if you were a Cowboy’s fan, everyone was expected to boo you. I participated in this. 😉

The city of Philadelphia and the NFL did a great job of making the event as stress free as possible and we didn’t face any serious problems.

As the draft approached we stood and waited to hear the Eagles pick for about two hours until the moment we all waited for finally arrived.

The Philadelphia Eagles select…Derrick Barnett out of Tennessee.

What a moment it was.

Just to be present with all my other fellow Eagles fan was a night I will never forget.

I love this city and team!


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