My Top Five Eagles of the Past

I was thinking about all the great Eagles players and moments I witnessed in the past and realized that I’ve never thought about which ones I truly admire during their times as Eagles.

I wanted to make a list of my favorite players and highlight why I appreciate each of them.

For the list, I will not include current eagles because most of them still have a lot of history to create with the Eagles! (hopefully a super bowl!)

Just a reminder that this is my opinion and you may disagree but I don’t care because this is my blog. Make your own if you want to make a list.

Here are my top five Philadelphia Eagles:

5) Brian Dawkins


Dawkins is not higher on my list because I just didn’t get to see him play enough in my life.

I remember him playing on the Eagles during the improbable 2008 playoff run to take the Eagles one game away from the Super Bowl. But that’s about it.

Of course, I have seen highlights of him at his prime, but because I did not see him play I can’t place him higher. Still admire him though!

4) Donovan McNabb



As the starting quarterback for the Eagles when I first became a fan, I must put him on my list. He did so much for the organization that it is hard to make any case against him being an all-time great.

However, much like Dawkins, I was only able to witness his later years in the city of brotherly love and that’s why he’s not higher.

3) Trent Cole

Trent Cole

What a pleasure it was to see Trent Cole sack quarterback’s week in and week out during his time in Philadelphia.

For many years, Eagles fans took for granted the luxury of having a premier defensive end constantly pressuring opposing quarterbacks.

He was one of the all-time underrated eagles and players in league history in my opinion. He deserves more recognition for what he did and I hope he will in the future.

2) Lesean McCoy


When the Eagles drafted Lesean McCoy out of the University of Pittsburgh in 2009, many viewed him as a young back who would take over the helm from Brian Westbrook. And he did.

McCoy burst onto the scene and delighted eagles fans every Sunday with his Barry Sanders like moves and break-away speed.

A true character on and off the field, he never shied away from the cameras.

Although many criticize his exit and even booed him when he returned to face the Eagles with the Bills, his ultimate resentment is towards Chip Kelly, not the Eagles.

I love me some Shady!

1) Desean Jackson


Miracle at the Meadowlands two.

What else is there to say.

This single moment in Eagles history defines the excitement and passion that I have experienced as a young fan of the team.

I remember sneaking to the bathroom in my church to get a listen to Merrill and Ike broadcast the most important moment for me as an Eagles fan.

The excitement that stirred around this play will be a classic for years to come.

This was another player who was criticized for the way he left the team and ended up playing for a divisional rival.

I still think that if it weren’t for that idiot Chip Kelly, Desean would still be making memories in Philly.

Deep ball after deep ball, Desean did what few could do and outran entire defenses to electrify whatever crowd was watching him work his magic.

I will always wear my number ten jersey because he is my all-time favorite Eagle.



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