Why is our quarterback room so stacked?

Our quarterback room is unbelievable right now.

We have Carson ‘the franchise’ Wentz, Nick ‘the record breaker’ Foles and Matt ‘Penn State’ McGloin all on our roster and I’m beyond happy!

There is really no better position to have amazing depth in than the quarterback room.

Many will question the necessity of having three proven quarterbacks in the NFL on your roster, but I think it’s a no brainer.

Injuries seem to be an almost guaranteed occurrence for NFL quarterbacks so having the insurance is a must.

We were lucky that Carson Wentz was healthy for practically every game last year, but realistically that’s not going to happen again.

With Foles and McGloin backing him up, I won’t be worried if/when they have to step in to real game situations when needed.

I can’t say I felt the same assurance with Chase Daniels…

The key here is that they all have real reps in the league!

It will  benefit our entire team to have good quarterbacks give them the reps they need in practice to improve their game.

The two backup quarterbacks also serve as potential trade pieces for the future. It is entirely possible that if either of the quarterbacks enter the lineup at any point in the season and play well, teams will be looking to pursue them in an upcoming off-season.


I applaud Howie Roseman once again for his amazing abilities.

Love you Howie!


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