Preseason schedule is out

The heavily anticipated preseason schedule is finally out! Whoooooooo

The schedule goes as follows:

Week 1: Away @ Green Bay

Week 2: Home versus Buffalo Bills

Week 3: Home versus Miami Dolphins

Week 4: Away @ New York Jets

My take on these games aren’t very heavy aside the fact that Lesean Mccoy will be in the house again for the second week of the preseason.

I might consider going to that game because the tickets are cheap and I’ll get to boo shady with the other 60,000 fans at the Linc.

But seriously, these preseason games are great opportunity to see the fringe players who might make a splash in the regular season.

For example, last year receiver Paul Turner had an unbelievable preseason and many expected him to make the final roster.

He didn’t end up making the roster (although he should have considering the historic lack of production from that group) but was retained on the practice squad and even contributed to the Eagles during the dark stages of the 2017 season. (his amazing 6 reception 80 yard game can be seen here )

So he serves as an example of how the preseason actually does matter in some instances where players may be called up later in the season by a team.

I make this point to dispute the notion that preseason football is meaningless and a waste of time.

There’s just something about watching those players competing for a third-string spot on a roster that makes it worth watching.

To be honest though, I always look at the preseason as a step closer towards the regular season. Which I can’t wait for this year. My boy Wentz has some actual weapons!

Preseason 2017, we’re ready!!


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