New Eagle Timmy Jernigan may be a better fit than Bennie Logan

The defensive lineman out of Florida State has spent his first three seasons in the NFL with the Baltimore Ravens.

Coming out of Florida State, Jernigan was projected to be a top 50 pick in the 2014 NFL Draft according to Mike Moyock, and that’s exactly what he was.

A solid second round pick up for the Ravens, he has accumulated 14 sacks through in his short career.

He proved to be a good player for the Ravens, but they opted to give Brandon Williams a monster deal that made him one of the richest defensive linemen in the NFL.

I’m so happy that the Ravens made this decision, because God knows we needed this signing.

This is a key pickup because we just lost a major piece in our defensive line in Bennie Logan.

Bennie has been a pillar of our defensive line for the past few years, but the business aspect of the NFL made him relocate to Kansas City.

However, Logan is not an irreplaceable piece for the defensive line.

He was an excellent run stuffer, but here are a few reasons why I think Jernigan is a better fit in a 4-3 scheme.

With an outstanding ability to rush the passer from within, Jernigan is another stud on the inside along with Fletcher Cox.

The Ravens ran a 3-4 defense that requires the interior defensive lineman to eat up two blocks on the inside.

In the Eagles system, Cox will be attracting double teams very often from offensive linemen which will give Jernigan the opportunity to see many one-on-ones that he should win.

Jernigan will thrive with the ability to go all-out attack in Jim Schwartz four man attacking defensive philosophy.

I also think that because Jernigan is younger than Logan by 3 years he simply has more upside. Logan is a solid player, but he is already in his prime. Timmyy has yet to reach his prime.

Lastly, I think Jernigan will have something to prove in the final year of his rookie contract. This is a make or break year for him in many aspects, and he will definitely want to make the league and the ravens know that he is also an elite interior lineman.

I love this trade and can’t wait to see Cox and Jernigan terrorize quarterbacks from within.


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